Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My Foul Shot

In writing we have been focusing on Edwin A. Hoey Foul Shot. We had to find a sport that we were going to focus on. We could choose from basketball, football, netball, cricket, rugby and gymnastics. I chose football. We had to use strong verbs, 2 stanzas and only a limited amount of words. The first stanza had to be about us and the second one had to be about the equipment. Here is my poem.

Foul Shot

The score is 5 all,                                                      
Only 10 seconds left,
The goalie has the grubby ball,
Checks where her opponents are,
Eyes up the spinning ball,
Lifts her leg
Steadily in the air,
Body balances,
And smashes the ball off her leg.

The ball,
Flies like a bird in the sky,
Dips up and down,
And then,
                        And then,
                                                  And then,
Just before it goes over the posts…

Dives down and through the goal.

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