Tuesday, 6 May 2014

                 Should Rats Be Pets?

  1. They leave diseases on food.
  2. They can nibble through precious things.
  3. They can bite/ hurt you.
  4. Rats from pet shops can be kept but wild rats can’t.
  5. Male rats can be kept but can bite you lots as well.
  6. sewer rats eat garbage so don’t keep rats as pets because if you don’t know if the rat is a sewer rat then you are in for a long ride.
  7. If you think it is a good idea getting a rat as a pet, it is not because they could be gone before you know it.
  8. they can go somewhere and you might not know where they are.
  9. they have short lives.
  10. they could kill other pets/ animals.
  11. they are hard work.
  12. they can chew up your daily newspaper.
  13. they can make big messes.
  14. they can have up to 6,000 babies.

Henrietta Scott


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  1. I love your mihimihi Henrietta