Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Quick Write Superhero

For our writing we did a quick write on a conversation between two people in a picture. Mine was about a superhero and a villain. We had to use these writing features below. Here is my writing.


  1. Use a very short sentence.
  2. Start your sentence with an AAWWUBBIS (Opener sentence)
  3. Ly start – Start a sentence with a ly adverb.
  4. Em – dash. A dash is used to set off information in a sentence with dramatic flair.
  5. Use speech punctuation
Super burpy face
As I ride on my candyfloss farting unicorn, I find Sir Poop-A-Lot. I tell Candyfart to land straight down. I walk up to Sir Poop-A-Lot. He introduces me to his dog, Sir Pee-A-Lot. I show him candyfart. After that introduction, I ask him why he had called for me.

“I want to kill you,” he tells me.
“Why?” I ask him.
“Don’t you remember all of my plans you have ruined. First the plan to steal the magic of the unicorn, then the plan to inject the country with evilness, last but not least you ruined my plan to help my mother steal the queen!” He reminded me. “I will kill you once and for all!” he screamed.

“No you won’t. Because I am killing you right now,” I told him. Carefully I put a bullet into his gun. ‘Bang!’ the gun shot at his heart. He fell to the floor - crumbling, pain, blood.
“Let’s go Candyfart. Our job is done,” I say.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Sam Mitchell Homework

For our art homework we had to research an artist and create some sort of presentation about them. I have chosen Sam Mitchell. I have used a google doc to present. here is my presentation.
Sam Mitchell
By Henrietta Scott
photo (4).JPG

What stands out to me
The way she puts lots of different tattoo like pictures on the face and neck. The way she draws the hair.
Techniques used / Process
She paints on the reverse side of sheets of acrylic (hard plastic). This would mean she had to paint and draw backwards. She uses acrylic paint to do this.. The background is painted in last. She uses lots of unnatural colours.
What she has communicated
The tension between rebellion and proprietary, transgression and etiquette.
Sam was born in the United States in 1971 and now lives in Auckland. Sam studied  at Elam School of Fine Arts in
New Zealand .

Interesting Info
Sam has won many awards for her work including the Paramount Award at the Wallace Art Awards (2010).  The prize consisted of  a six months travel to work with the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York. Also a bronze trophy. Sam has painted toucans, parrots, budgerigars, canaries, cats and people. She has an interest in comics and tattoos which reflects in her artwork. She likes to use discoloured dog eared  back  pages of books for some of her artwork.

Glossary: Etiquette: doing things properly, rebellion: a fight against something, proprietary: ownership, transgression: (similar to rebellion).  

Friday, 20 November 2015

Salt Dough Pendants

For our visual art we focussed on Pounamu. We made salt dough pendants instead of real ones. I made a half heart, some ballet shoes and a moustache. What I tried to communicate was my love for ballet. (the moustache was just for fun).
Here is a picture.


For maths we have been making our own tessellation. A tessellation is a repeated pattern that uses all the space of the thing you are putting it on. I used ballet shoes. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Powerless Writing

For writing we have been doing a quick write on the video 'Powerless'. We had to use special writing features.(Listed below). Here is my writing/ video link. 
  1. very short sentence.
  2. Start your sentence with an AAWWUBBIS (Opener sentence)
  3. Ly start – Start a sentence with a ly adverb.
  4. Em – dash. A dash is used to set off information in a sentence with dramatic flair.
  5. The subject sentence. Start your sentence with the subject. (Interrupter)
The fairy.
Kerplonk. Quickly I turn round and find my friend  trapped under a fallen  tree. 
I panic. I fly round and round until I become very dizzy. When I finally recover from being dizzy, I look round for someone to help. I pass tree by tree, until I find a glowing light.

I fly through the open window and I find an inventor snoring away. The whole room is decorated with his failed work. There, lying around the clutter, is his unfinished invention. A scrap metal, home materials, non powered robot.

I wonder how strong a robot could be. I fly into the robot and start it up. His car light eyes flash green. He is in my command- clinking and clunking along the path. He finally gets to fallen tree. He tries and tries to lift the tree, but is not strong enough.

Suddenly the inventor arrives, sees my friend and tries to help. With both of their strength combined they are just able to  let my friend come free. As she twirled into the dark sky, I leave the robot.  The poor robot clunks to the dirty ground - shaking, wiggling and wobbling.

“We must do something for the robot, he saved my life,” my friend says to me.
“How about we give him power. So he can live forever,” I told her.
When we have twirled back down to the ground, I sprinkle some of my magic onto him. He is now alive.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Rainbow Cupcakes (SUCCESS)

Today was market day. For market day we made a product and sold it. I had made rainbow cupcakes with my friend Annalise. We set up in our school hall and waited for our parents to roll on in. We also invited our buddy class. We sold out in the first 10 minutes.
We earned $30 to donate to starship. Here is a photo.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Rainbow Cupcakes

For our inquiry, designed to sell, we have been asked to come up with a product and sell it. My product is rainbow cupcakes. The cupcakes are fully rainbow with rainbow batter to rainbow icing.
Firstly we had to find the ingredients used and create a list of how much it would cost to make a batch. It costs 50 cents per box of four mini cupcakes. Then we had to make a batch and get our classmates to taste test them and come up with some additions to make them better. We also had to create the packaging with our logo, company name, product name, ingredients list, allergies list, non/profit , artificial, preservatives/ non on it. Here is my packaging. 

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pipi Pizza Homework

For our homework we had to design our own pizza to put on Pipi's menu. We had to decide who we were making it for and the ingredients that would go together. We had to decide a price for the pizza. After creating our pizza we had to advertise it on a voki. Here is my Voki and my pizza.


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Wonder Book Review

In class we have been reading a book called Wonder.
I really enjoyed this book because it reflects on the qualities we need to show in life. The main characters are August, Via, Jack, Julian and Summer. In this story August goes to school for the first time in his life and makes friends with Jack and Summer. He gets teased by Julian. August's english teacher has a precept for every month. I would recommend this book for ages 9 and over as it is  hard to understand what is going on and what it is teaching us.
I would give this book a 10/10. I really loved it.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Storyboard That

For our writing we have been working on using level three punctuation. We have been using speech marks properly and  apostrophes. We have been showing this in a storyboard. Here is mine.

Create a Copy | View Larger

Monday, 31 August 2015

Calendar Art

Calendar Art
For our calendar art we had to draw zentangle on an animal of our choice. I chose an elephant. For the art we had to fill the animal's body with zentangle patterns. I have shown the patterns poke root, tipple, zander, florz, static, mist and crescent moon. Here is my art.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Geometric Shapes

Geometrical Shapes/Patterns
For maths we have been looking at geometric shapes and patterns.
We had to use a protractor to count out how many degrees between each line made.
I have a space of eight 45 degree points.
From each points I have seven lines heading to all seven other points. 
Here is my shape.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Maths Week

This week is Maths Week. For maths week all our homework has been maths. We had class challenges and school wide challenges which were how many jellybeans are in the jelly bean jar, how many weet-bix can Mr Kinsey, Mr Harris and Mr stygal can eat all together, how many seconds will it take for Mrs Cameron to run two laps around the field and how many children  can fit in Mrs Burns car. The skill we learnt was to estimate. On friday we will dress up as something mathematical. Here is the link to the website. 

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Strawberry Inquiry

Strawberry Inquiry

 For our guided inquiry of field to table we have been working on strawberries. We collected information and then choose a way to show our findings. I chose to do a diorama with a model of a strawberry. Here are some images of it.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Starry Night

For art we have been focusing on starry night by Vincent van gogh. We used mixed media which is using lots of different techniques on one piece of art. We used chalk, paint, pastel and paper. First we had to draw the background with chalk. Then we had to paint the hills and ground. Then we painted our stars and moon. After that we painted the sky and used pastel for the outline. Then we had to use pastel to colour in our tree or big thing. And last but not least we had to make our houses and put it on a piece of paper. Here is my art.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Quick Write Photo


For writing we had to write a short story about this photo. This photo was taken in Auckland because there is the skytower in the background. We had to use paragraphs, complex sentences and short sharp sentences that had a noun and a verb. Here is my writing.

It all started as fun. I was with my brother and his friends. We were walking down the old jetty. I came up with the idea of playing truth or dare. It was my brothers turn. He had just been told to run around yelling ‘Hallelujah’. I was still lying on the rough wooden planks laughing my head off.

 I thought that my dare would be an easy one as I was his younger brother. My dare was to sprint off the jetty and into the green sea. I had decided I didn't want to. I backed away. My brother started calling me chicken. Then his friends joined in. They were chanting it now. If I had a time machine, I would rewind the time back to before I came up with the idea of truth or dare.

I wish this was a dream. I closed my eyes and opened them again. It wasn't a dream. Why had I chosen dare. I had to jump. I got ready to run.
I crouched. Gripped my hands firmly to the ground and counted to ten.

One, two, three, four, five. My throat was dry, my heart pounded, my legs shook. Was I ready to go? Six, seven, eight, nine. Well I had to. I had counted to nine now. One second to go. The butterflies had started. I said ten very slowly, it took me five seconds to say it.

Boom. My legs started moving without me even noticing. I was moving faster and faster. My body knew what to do now. I suddenly crouched and sprang into the air. Was I going to make it into the water? I had never thought of this. Would a boat turn up and I would splat onto the fishy floor.

I was flying. My arms out beside me as if I was a bird. I definitely was going to make it into the water. I was whooshing down, closer and closer to the water. I hit something. It was cold. I went right through it. I knew exactly what it was.

By Henrietta Scott

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Egg Diary

For keeping ourselves safe we had to look after an egg for a week and make a diary about it. Here is my egg Susy's diary.
Suzy’s Egg Diary
19th May 2015 9:55am
Today Suzy was born at 9am.
She was delighted to see me.
She sat in her seat and read the news about her.
Then she slept until 9:57am.
Here is a photo of Suzy in my hands.
19 May 2015 10:00:14.jpg
20th May 2015 9:40am
Today Suzy is with her grandmother (my mum) so I couldn’t take a photo of her. She slept all morning.
Last night I couldn’t sleep you would think I was worrying about Suzy but no I was freezing.

21st May 2015 10:30am
Today Suzy came to road patrol with me.
I also made her super butterfly Suzy with a cape that had butterflies on it. She had to go to egg hospital because she cracked her head open.

22nd May 2015
Today it was Suzy’s last day with me.
We had lots of fun all week. Even if Suzy got injured.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My Foul Shot

In writing we have been focusing on Edwin A. Hoey Foul Shot. We had to find a sport that we were going to focus on. We could choose from basketball, football, netball, cricket, rugby and gymnastics. I chose football. We had to use strong verbs, 2 stanzas and only a limited amount of words. The first stanza had to be about us and the second one had to be about the equipment. Here is my poem.

Foul Shot

The score is 5 all,                                                      
Only 10 seconds left,
The goalie has the grubby ball,
Checks where her opponents are,
Eyes up the spinning ball,
Lifts her leg
Steadily in the air,
Body balances,
And smashes the ball off her leg.

The ball,
Flies like a bird in the sky,
Dips up and down,
And then,
                        And then,
                                                  And then,
Just before it goes over the posts…

Dives down and through the goal.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Writing To The Unknown Soldier

In class we have been writing to the unknown soldier. We had to include complex sentences, short sharp sentences and five paragraphs. Here is my writing.

Dear Unknown Soldier,

As I write to you, I am sitting with my friends in my classroom. I am able to laugh and talk. I can play, run free. I am writing to you to ask you questions and show you what I have learnt about you and all the other soldiers who had to go to the terrible war just for our freedom. We remember you.

Did you even want to go to war? We have heard that you thought it was an adventure. You didn't go to these great places France and England you went to hot, dry Suez in Egypt.Did you ever regret going to war? It wasn't what you had expected but you couldn't go back you were there now. I can’t imagine who you would feel when you suddenly had to go to this dry place and kill.  

How did you feel when you had to go onto the battlefield and kill? All the guns shooting, blood, stretcher bearers and the wounded soldiers with bandages covering their wounds. All the soldiers around you drop to the ground and slowly decompose. How did you feel when your friends died around you? You would be standing in the same spot when suddenly you heard your wounded friend groaning while collapsing to the ground right in front of your eyes. You would see all the white crosses and remember your friends as if they were still standing with you. We remember all the dead soldiers on armistice day on the 11th of November.

Did you miss all the delicious food your mother would cook for you? We know all the soldiers had hardly anything to eat. You would sit around in your tent before bed starving, wanting something to eat. I can’t imagine having only a few things to eat a day or week.

Did you worry the enemy would attack at night? I can’t imagine lying in bed worrying that the enemy would creep up and attack. You would think they were worrying about the same thing too. Did you worry you would get killed? We have learned that lots of the soldiers got killed every minute. I would worry I would get shot and just sprint back to my tent.

Don’t worry about being forgotten, ANZAC day is one of the most important days of the year. Lots of people want to know who you are. If only you could write back, well at least your name.

Yours Sincerely,

Henrietta Scott

Thursday, 26 March 2015

River Study

This is my infographic of river study. On camp we tested  the  Pohangina river.  We had an expert come to talk to us about river testing.We had to check how clean the water was, find good macro invertebrates, smell the water and check if there was enough algae to feed  the macro invertebrates.  We are now experts at river testing. My infographic tells you about macro invertebrates, water smell, water clarity, algae, environment around the river and what you need to river test. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

What A Good Blog Post Needs

Today we thought about good blog post needs. This is what we thought they needed.

Group 1
Amber & henny

More than a sentence
A tittle
Capital letters and full stops
has to make sense.

2  Tim and Tim!!
  • Make sense
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Detail
  • Title

3 Llewellyn, Tosh, Nick...
  • Make sure it makes sense.
  • Check your spelling.
  • It needs a title.
  • More than just a title.
  • Good information.
4Annabel, Bella L, Mili
  • information about what we are sharing
  • positive statements
  • pictures or videos if needed
  • check spelling
  • detail
  • punctuation
  • makes sense
  • title
Information, words, makes sense, punctuation, correct spelling, maybe photos, detail, title.

Thomas, Annalise, Isabella and Eva
  • information
  • Writing
  • photos or videos
  • punctuation
  • needs a title


1.  Punctuation
2. writing
3. detail
5. correct spelling

Brianna, Hetti and George.
-Sensible ideas
-sometimes photos
-Correct spelling
-Friendly comments
-Sensible pictures
-Capitals after full stops.
-Make sure it makes sense.

Polly, Amelia and Harriet
-Sensible sentences
-Videos & Pictures
-It has to make sense
-Correct info
Emelia Bella😊 Jiwon
12 Summer and Bella
  • Information
  • detail
  • full stops
  • commas
  • positive writing