Friday, 23 May 2014

Maths like a pirate challenge 2.

Last Friday we did maths like a pirate challenge two.
We had to make a bridge out of two chairs, newspaper and cellotape. We had to place eggs on the bridge, my group had two and everyone else at least had seven. Our bridge broke three times so it wasn't a success. It was fun.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

                 Should Rats Be Pets?

  1. They leave diseases on food.
  2. They can nibble through precious things.
  3. They can bite/ hurt you.
  4. Rats from pet shops can be kept but wild rats can’t.
  5. Male rats can be kept but can bite you lots as well.
  6. sewer rats eat garbage so don’t keep rats as pets because if you don’t know if the rat is a sewer rat then you are in for a long ride.
  7. If you think it is a good idea getting a rat as a pet, it is not because they could be gone before you know it.
  8. they can go somewhere and you might not know where they are.
  9. they have short lives.
  10. they could kill other pets/ animals.
  11. they are hard work.
  12. they can chew up your daily newspaper.
  13. they can make big messes.
  14. they can have up to 6,000 babies.

Henrietta Scott

rafting was fun
especially carnage corner
we had to write and I
did not go over the border
I went horse riding
on my own
and I did not
brake a bone
I did not have someone
holding a rope
I also had
hope (that my horse did not
tip me off.)
I did pioneering with
a sore ankle
and I did not take
my bangle to camp
me and my friend Anelise
slept in a double bed
and I had scary
thoughts in my head
I never said hello
(in this poem)
so it is time to go
so bye!

my personal experince

The Soccer Tournament Goal

My team has the ball they pass to me…
My heart is pounding like a dog while I dribble the ball I’m getting closer and closer to the goal, ‘kick!’ I kicked the ball and thought ‘just a little further’. ‘’Oh’’ I didn’t score, the ball was just outside the goal.

Now the other team has the ball. They dribble the ball closer to the goal they kick the ball, I gasp ‘phew!’ they missed. I thought they would score.

My team has the ball again, I can smell the muddy grass. One of my teammates passes it to me. I have butterflies in my stomach and my heart is pounding again. I dribble the ball closer to the goal, kick, I gasp and I score.’’Yippy!’’ I shout.

My team had won the game.

We went to see which team had won the tournament and guess what? My team had come runner up. I had lots of fun, especially when I scored the goal.