Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Egg Diary

For keeping ourselves safe we had to look after an egg for a week and make a diary about it. Here is my egg Susy's diary.
Suzy’s Egg Diary
19th May 2015 9:55am
Today Suzy was born at 9am.
She was delighted to see me.
She sat in her seat and read the news about her.
Then she slept until 9:57am.
Here is a photo of Suzy in my hands.
19 May 2015 10:00:14.jpg
20th May 2015 9:40am
Today Suzy is with her grandmother (my mum) so I couldn’t take a photo of her. She slept all morning.
Last night I couldn’t sleep you would think I was worrying about Suzy but no I was freezing.

21st May 2015 10:30am
Today Suzy came to road patrol with me.
I also made her super butterfly Suzy with a cape that had butterflies on it. She had to go to egg hospital because she cracked her head open.

22nd May 2015
Today it was Suzy’s last day with me.
We had lots of fun all week. Even if Suzy got injured.

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