Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Moment I Almost Drowned At Kairakau Beach

The Moment I Almost Drowned At Kairakau Beach

The shimmering waves are crashing against us.  Mike is driving the jet ski trying to take me and Jake behind the waves on the biscuit. The biscuit is pulling us further and further out to sea. I feel a tingle up my spine  as I notice a huge wave coming towards us. Suddenly it flings us off the biscuit and into the large crashing waves.

We try to jump back  on, but it disconnects to the jet ski and floats away with the waves. I try to get us closer to the shore but the waves are heaving us back . Jake was worried that the biscuit was going to float away forever. so I told  him “Don’t worry about the biscuit you can always buy another one, you need to keep yourself safe”.  I turned round  to look  for the biscuit,but all I saw was an enormous wave coming towards us. I started to panic as the wave  crashed over my head . My mouth was wide open so I swallowed a lot of the salty water .(Not a  good idea). Finally the waves went down and I grabbed Jake and pulled him to shore. The biscuit had just arrived to shore. Phew, we were safe.

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